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VAGunTraining.com provides an easy and informative way for you to obtain your concealed carry permit in the state of Virginia. Our online handgun safety class satisfies all Virginia laws for you to obtain your Concealed Handgun Permit. Once finished, just take your certificate to your local courthouse to apply for a permit.

At a price of only $19.95, our training is both the cheapest and fastest way to obtain your Virginia Concealed Handgun permit. Our course is state-recognized and all of our instructors possess certifications honored by the courts of Virginia.

Our class covers all aspects of weapons safety and satisfies the course requirements for obtaining a Concealed and Carry Handgun permit (CHP) in the state of Virginia. The class is an informative and fun way of learning what you need to know about concealed carry.

The steps are easy: Take the class. Print your certificate. Apply at your local courthouse for your permit.

There are no hidden fees with our course. The registration price includes the course, exam, and certificate.

Worried about not passing? You can retake the class for free as many times as it takes.